Why Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Is a Smart Move?

Imagine you’ve been running a successful business and intending to grow the turnover by putting a plan in place. You ponder where your new sales are going to come from?


To begin with, there should be more market awareness, spectacular brand visibility, a sales pipeline in place, an increase in new prospects, and to maintain a loyal customer base. Maybe the website could be overhauled to attract more and more visitors. Perhaps a newsletter emailed to clients would be a great strategy? And probably a branding refreshment will do the job.


Well, this all needs planning, managing, and reviewing to monitor and ensure if it’s working.But who in the business has the time, proper knowledge, expertise, and necessary skills to do it all while simultaneously sustaining a breakneck pace on the treadmill of your daily tasks?


Now, with a nearly 90 percent increase in online sales, businesses and entrepreneurs have realized that the shift might be more formidable and long-term than they ever thought. But to harness the power and reach of the digital world, it is imperative to better leave Digital Marketing to the experts.






Outsourcing is a fast-paced business phenomenon that continues to transform economies and businesses all around the world. According to Data and Marketing Association (DMA), only 32% are keen to continue in-housing marketing while 68% prefers outsourcing. Let’s understand why!


The major benefit for hiring a digital marketing agency rather than hiring in-house staff is cutting the fixed costs on the company overhead followed by the salary and benefit package expenses. Hiring a marketing agency is a less expensive option which enables you to have access to a complete marketing skillset in a staffed virtual marketing department.


The ability to execute effective marketing activities like lead generation, advertising, social media marketing, website development without even the need to lock in fixed salaries and benefits on hiring various employees. This allows the company to financially nimble with expert strategies and campaigns.





Working with a multi-skilled marketing agency ensures that the most effective and modern approach will be used to boost campaigns. They are determined to invest in keeping abreast of the latest trends and technologies, keeping you ahead of your competitors.


From email marketing to paid advertising, from lead generation to video production, the Marketing Experts act as an extension of the brand that enables you to focus on other aspects of the business.


Hiring a marketing agency means you have every speciality built right into your marketing force that is better, less expensive and more flexible to scale and grow your business unlike in-house marketing who are mostly trapped in an echo-chamber without any perspective to innovate.





A common pain point that is often noticed with organizations is that they spend months doing marketing rigorously and all of sudden they stop due to a high number of inquiries. This portrays a negative perception of the brand in front of their audience. But with an outsourced agency, you can focus on inquiries while the agency does all your grunt work in order to maximize ROI.


In order to devise a marketing plan, a lot of strategic efforts in the combination of the company’s vision are put in to boost organic traffic which includes calculating costs, risks, alternative plans, targets, etc. This allows the company to understand the budget beforehand and they can adapt, react, and adjust other budgets accordingly.


In nutshell, partnering with a specialized marketing agency will provide you with cutting edge know-how, fresh perspective, the know-how of latest trends and technologies and expertise at a one-stop solution. Hiring an agency provides you access to have writers, designers, marketers who are equipped with tools and platforms to boost your marketing efforts.


If your organization is reaching crossroads and deciding on to build an outsourced marketing team, we are the right agency for your brand.
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