The 3 Big Ways a Social Strategy Helps Your Business ToLevel-Up

The minimalist movement has gone from purging your closet to your email to the accounts you’re following on social. But in the spirit of the minimalist movement, here’s how to make sure your business is intentional about adding value to everything you post.


Explore the advantages of the remote working for digital marketing agencies:

1. It helps you align business goals
  • Why are you wanting to post on social?
  • Why do you think your audience wants to connect with you on social in place of / in addition to your website and newsletter?
  • Why would someone want to follow your brand?

it’s not just to be annoying or to make you doubt everything about your current business. it’s to make sure we can align your social goals to your larger business goals and narrow down a tactical approach.

For example, warming leads with social requires a totally different approach than using social to find out your audience’s product preferences. In addition, a heritage lifestyle brand has different needs than a tech start-up. A social strategist will see what you want to do and then help with ways to get you there.

2. It helps define your (social) audience.
  • Do your fans love aspirational content on Instagram?
  • Do they prefer the thought leadership on LinkedIn?
  • Are they more likely to be tuned into real-time moments on Twitter?

For some brands the answer is all three, and that means engaging on multiple platforms in different, channel-specific ways. And for crying out loud can we please just all agree to stop mass posting the same, exact content on each channel?

That blog post may be great and can totally be shared across channels, but good grief gives folks a reason to follow you on Twitter AND Facebook by posting different copy relevant to how audiences are using the platform.

3. It helps you create measurable, actionable, real-time objectives.

We know something is successful when it reaches its desired outcome, right? Each social campaign should have one goal, but anywhere between 1- 6+ objectives on how you’ll get there. A social strategist will work with you determining measurable social goals and how we’ll achieve them.

A second brand awareness objective could be to increase positive conversation around our brand by 5% by the end of the month. We would track mentions of the brand across the web with a sentiment tool and be able to deliver the increase percentage.

4. Flexibility improves quality.

Remote workers choose on their own when and where to work. Some are in it because it allows them to do a few days’ worth of work in a single day and free up time for other endeavours. And if they can be flexible about it, you can be sure they always work when their efficiency and creativity are at the highest.