Google Grant Management – The Non-Profit Guide


Imagine walking into the largest casino in Las Vegas. The croupier hands you over a briefcase. You looked inside: $10,000 Cash. The croupier explains the rules to you that the money is all yours to spend any way you want to, as long as you use it in the casino and any money you make in the casino is yours to keep.


What a delightful moment!


Well, Google Ad Grant for Non-profits is similar to the crazy imagination above. A total of $10,000 per month is credited to your Google Ads Account as in-kind advertising amount to use the platform. This is the most powerful marketing channel yet highly underutilized channel to lure qualified visitors to your website if proper campaigns are run.


Some non-profit organizations on the frontlines have used the maximum potential of Google Ad Grants to squeeze out conversions from every click on Google’s dime. Yet many non-profits are still reluctant to dip their toes into the unknown waters just because they are clueless of where to start and how to optimize their efforts.


Here’s our guide to growing your business with Google Ad Grant, right from verification process to its high potential value:






In simple words, Google Ad Grant allows eligible non-profit organizations to advertise a worth of a $10,000/month on Google AdWords cost-free. When an individual searches a certain keyword associated with your NGO’s work and mission, he or she will see your ads, hence, increasing the visibility of your website.





If you calculate rationally, you can spend upto $1,20,000 a year as advertising money to magnify your digital impact. And, if you were too damn lucky, you would have land the GrantsPro grant worth $4,80,000 which no longer exists by the way.







The first and foremost step is to set-up your Google Ads Grant Account. It can be pretty daunting task as Google Grantees must be eligible to the specific criteria in order to qualify for receiving Grants.


  • Must be Non-profit Charitable Organization within your country definitions
  • Must have an up & running Website that meets Google Website Policy
  • Must Not be a governmental entity or organization; a school, academic institution, or university, and a governmental entity or organization
  • Must hold current 501 ( c ) (3) Charity Status
  • Must Register your organization with TechSoup, who handles Non-profit Verification Process


Information & Documents Required:

  • Organization’s EIN (Non-Profits’ ID)
  • Organization’s Physical Address
  • Organization’s Online Contact Information

The whole process usually takes about 2 to 14 business days in order for TechSoup to verify your organization.





Once you are approved for the Google Ad Grant, Google credits your Google Ads Account with $10,000 every month to spend and if any money is not being utilized, it will not be credited further to next month. Also, Grant Account Holders must follow specific advertiser policies by Google which are not applicable to the standard accounts.


Some of them are the following:


  • Maintain a 5% account CTR (click-through rate)
  • Keyword Quality Scores cannot be below 2
  • At least 2 active ad groups per campaign
  • At least 2 site link ad extensions
  • Account must have specific geo-targeting
  • Max CPC cannot be higher than $2
  • Only search ads (no display or video ads) are permitted



We understand that this may be a grunt work to plan and understand how to run effective Google Ad campaigns and make the most of $10,000, without wasting any single penny and that too, without violating any rules as this may lead to termination of your grant. That’s why hiring the Experts like Afterr Media is a great strategy for your organization as they take the load off your hands and create successfully ROI-driven strategies. This will provide you ample time to take inquiries and maintain strong and healthy relationships with your donors. Get ready for a bunch of new visitors!





Take a moment to recapitulate the last time you clicked an emotionally charged tweet and felt obligated to click the “Help Us Out” call-to-action. That’s the power of Digital Marketing!


Google Ad Grant is not only designed to drive traffic to your website but also to drive meaningful conversions to scale up your online donations and boost awareness. The goal of Google is to help grantees to focus on the quality of ad traffics or visitors over the quantity.It is imperative to keep a proper track of CTRs, hit or miss, or new visions to implement and see how your donors respond to it.


  • Conversions to track may include:
  • Email subscriptions
  • Donations
  • Content downloads
  • Video views
  • Social media follows
  • Volunteer signups
  • Contact form submissions



When the $10,000 Google Ad Grant is fully utilized, hundreds and thousands of additional qualified visitors every single month can be seen. Out of those even hundreds can be converted into your loyal subscribers, volunteers, donors, or program inquiries.





In nutshell, Google Ads Grant is a gift to many non-profits who are selling smiles to the needy. If you are a newbie and would like to dive deeper from the scratch, or any particular help, our Google Ads professionals will help you to take meaningful action to make the best use of the Grant.


Let’s talk about what’s next and discover how you can achieve your vision for the future.