Get Maximum Out Of Your Free 10,000$ Ad Grants

Who Are Eligible?

Must be a Non-profit Charitable Organization Must adhere to Google Website Policy

Who Are Not Eligible?

– Not a governmental entity or organization

– Not a hospital or healthcare organization

– Not a school, academic institution, or university

Once the Organization’s Eligibility is verified, you’ll be able to activate the Google products that best meet your needs.
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Get approved and capitalize on the power of $10,000 monthly Google Ad Grant

Track & Convert Qualified Conversions with successful ROI – Driven Ad Grant campaigns

Scale Online Donations by connecting with a broad spectrum of Donors

Centre your fundraising around growing strong and healthy relationships with your donors

Many non-produts are still reluctant to dip their toes into the unknown waters just because they are clueless of where to start and how to optimize their efforts. However, it is imperative to understand
that it takes more than just a web-site to attract donations and support continuously.

Whether you are ready to launch a new idea and are looking for a helping hand to help you take your first digital steps, or you are someone who is struggling with the continuity of their operations as
traditional sources of funding have dried up significantly pre or post COVID19. No Worries! Your in good hands.

Our Google Ads Professionals will help you to not only retain your donors but to acquire new donors among the target audience with their expertise.


The whole process usually takes about 2 to 14 business days in order for TechSoup to verify your organization.

Yes. When your NGO qualifies the eligibility criteria for the Google Ad Grant program, Google credits $10,000 a month to advertise your campaigns online. This helps you to reach a broader spectrum of online donors, increase online visibility, promote your fundraisers better, and many more.

Step 1: Review eligibility requirementsStep 2: Request a Google for Non-profits accountStep 3: Wait for verification from TechSoupStep 4: Activate Google for Non-profits productsStep 5: Get the most out of your Google for Non-profits account

Your Ad Grant Agency will help you to get approved and optimize $10,000 monthly Google Ad Grant, to track & convert Qualified Conversions with successful ROI – Driven Ad Grant campaigns, to scale Online Donations by connecting with a broad spectrum of volunteers/donors and maintaining strong and healthy relationships with your donors.

A total of $10,000 per month is credited to your Google Ads Account as in-kind advertising amount to use the platform. When an individual searches a certain keyword associated with your NGO’s work and mission, he or she will see your ads on top, hence, increasing the visibility of your website.

Google Ad Grant allows eligible non-profit organizations to advertise a worth of a $10,000/month on Google AdWords cost-free but only if you are eligible to the specific criteria in order to qualify for receiving Grants.

  • Must be Non-profit Charitable Organization within your country definitions
  • Must have an up & running Website that meets Google Website Policy
  • Must Not be a governmental entity or organization; a school, academic institution, or university, and a governmental entity or organization
  • Must hold current 501 ( c ) (3) Charity Status
  • Must Register your organization with TechSoup, who handles Non-profit Verification Process

You are still eligible if you already have a Google Ads account; you just need to open another one for your Google Ad Grants. The Ad Grants and “regular” Ads accounts will exist separately, though you can view them together by using a Google Ads manager account.